Bathing and grooming

We provide grooming should your cat require it.

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Behaviour counselling

Tara Schneider is our certified animal behaviorist, you can book appointments with her to help tackle any behavioral issues your cat may have.

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Short-term medical cat boarding

We offer in hospital boarding to our clients.

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International travel

We can provide all the proper vaccinations, testing and documentation needed for you to travel internationally with your cat.

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Nutrition counselling

Cat loss counselling

Referrals for acupuncture, holistic medicine, and physiotherapy

We can refer clients to some great practitioners of alternate medicine.

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Our goal is to work collaboratively with you and allow you to be an active partner in your cat’s healthcare. Based on our experience in feline medicine, we will provide you with expert recommendations in order for you to make the best healthcare decisions for your cat or kitten.

Request an appointment now or call us at 604-574-8873.