We understand how important it is to find the right healthcare provider for your cat. Cats at Home Feline Hospital – a certified Cat Friendly Practice® – provides extensive care and veterinary services for all breeds and ages. Learn what makes our hospital experience unique.


Feline friendly environment and staff

At Cats at Home we provide a calm, relaxed examination experience with a quiet, odor-free environment. We understand that cats are not outgoing creatures and are generally very apprehensive at veterinary visits. Our staff are all trained in feline friendly handling techniques and have a love for cats. We also have an open concept treatment and examination area so that you may remain with your cat for the entire appointment. By reducing your cat's level of stress, we are able to much better assess your cat's health.


Detailed health report cards

Your first visit starts with an evaluation of your cat’s overall health – as well as addressing any specific concerns you may have. You’ll receive a detailed, easy to understand health report card outlining all the body systems we examine along with recommended treatment plans when necessary for your consideration.


Comprehensive medical and surgical care

We provide every aspect of routine care for your cat or kitten including vaccinations, spaying, neutering, and dental care. In addition we provide diagnosis and treatment for complex medical, surgical, and behavioural issues.


In-house laboratory analysis

Our hospital is fully-equipped to conduct many laboratory analyses in-house without the need to send samples to an outside lab. This means you’ll get results and answers quickly.


In-house pharmacy

Should your cat require medication, our extensive hospital pharmacy means you can start treatment immediately in many cases.


Therapeutic diet food available

We carry multiple brands of prescription and therapeutic diets for cats and kittens of all ages.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with you and allow you to be an active partner in your cat’s healthcare. Based on our experience in feline medicine, we will provide you with expert recommendations in order for you to make the best healthcare decisions for your cat or kitten.

Request an appointment now or call us at 604-574-8873.