Routine hygiene, scaling, and polishing

We always place your cat under anesthesia for a dental cleaning as it is not possible to do a comphrensive clean while your cat is awake. One of our Veterinarians does the dental scaling and polishing and will assess if anything additional is needed. Xrays and a thorough examination determine if additional work is required, such as extractions.

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Digital dental radiography

Our digital xrays enable us to instantly see the health of your cats teeth. We do dental xrays during all dental procedures.

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Extractions and advanced dental surgery

Your cat may require dental surgery, we are able to perform a wide variety of procedures.

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Our goal is to work collaboratively with you and allow you to be an active partner in your cat’s healthcare. Based on our experience in feline medicine, we will provide you with expert recommendations in order for you to make the best healthcare decisions for your cat or kitten.

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