Wellness programs (kitten and adult)

Our Cats at Home Wellness Programs are designed to address your cat’s health through screening tests (commonly called blood and chemistry testing).  We check all aspects of their health such as blood pressure, complete blood profile (both red and white cells), urinalysis, kidney function, and all organ function tests (comprehensive diagnostic tests). We also check the thyroid function to ensure that it is not affecting the health of your cat. Along with our physical exam report we will give you a printed copy of the test results so that you can monitor how well your kitty is doing. Our staff will review all test results with you and give you time to ask any questions that may arise.

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Infectious disease control and vaccine programs

Vaccinations are a fundamental pillar to any form of healthcare, and it’s no different for your pet. We provide comprehensive vaccination programs along with disease control programs for cats and kittens of all ages.

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Preventive health screens

Preventive screening can help reveal signs of early issues that could impact your cat’s health. With proper intervention, as directed by the Doctor, you can rest assured that you and your cat will have a longer healthy life together.

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Parasite control

Parasites can come in many forms for cats and kittens. Whether it’s preventative measures or active treatment, we have the expertise to help your feline live parasite-free.

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Our goal is to work collaboratively with you and allow you to be an active partner in your cat’s healthcare. Based on our experience in feline medicine, we will provide you with expert recommendations in order for you to make the best healthcare decisions for your cat or kitten.

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